LCRA Business Plan


Fiscal year 2025

Each year, LCRA prepares business and capital plans that outline how LCRA will allocate its staff, funds and other resources to carry out its mission to enhance the quality of life of the Texans we serve through water stewardship, energy and community service. LCRA follows priorities set by the LCRA Board of Directors and management. The business plan is LCRA’s budget for fiscal year 2025 beginning July 1, 2024

LCRA’s business plan includes the vision and strategic goals set for the entire LCRA organization and discusses specific actions for LCRA’s product lines of Wholesale Power, Transmission, Water and Public Services. Though the plan focuses on the upcoming fiscal year, it also includes financial information for LCRA and its product lines for the coming five years.

LCRA also publishes a business plan for its nonprofit corporation, LCRA Transmission Services Corporation, which owns and manages LCRA’s electric transmission assets and operations.

The business plan includes information on LCRA’s revenues and expenses, as well as factors that will affect LCRA’s rates and fees for its electric, water and public services.

Read the LCRA business and capital plans:

The graph below summarizes the sources of LCRA’s total projected revenues for FY 2025 and how they will be used during the fiscal year.

sources and uses fy 2025
Note: Totals in the charts may not equal the sum of the numbers shown due to rounding.