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Public Outreach

​​​​​​Water Quality Advisory Committee

The Clean Rivers Program is a comprehensive watershed assessment program that encourages stakeholders to participate in local water quality protection efforts.

One way to get involved is to join the LCRA Water Quality Advisory Committee (formally referred to as the Steering Committee). Committee members represent a variety of interests, including non-governmental organizations, industry, government, agriculture and the public at large. Members help identify and prioritize local water quality concerns and make recommendations for future actions to protect and improve water quality. Citizen participation enables the Clean Rivers Program staff to have a more comprehensive understanding of the basin’s waterways, and gives committee members a chance to learn about the processes behind characterizing and improving water quality.

There are two water quality advisory committees in the Colorado River basin. The Upper Colorado River Authority hosts an annual meeting in the region above O.H. Ivie Reservoir. LCRA hosts an annual meeting for stakeholders in the downstream region of the basin.

2019 Water Quality Advisory Committee meeting attendees in Austin