About WSC Energy

WSC Energy is a nonprofit wholesale power provider created by LCRA to serve electric systems operating in ERCOT. We offer tailor-made solutions to meet the load requirements for customers of all sizes. And we do this by combining the flexibility of innovative solutions with the security and reliability for which LCRA is known.

About LCRA

LCRA has powered Central Texas for more than 85 years. It supplies electricity to cities and cooperatives that serve about 1 million Texans and their businesses and homes. LCRA maintains a generation mix from conventional and renewable sources, providing customers with reliable, cost-effective power. LCRA Transmission Services Corporation, a separate nonprofit, owns or operates more than 5,400 miles of electric transmission lines and about 430 substations.

WSC Energy, combined with LCRA affiliates, provides a wide range of choices to meet the energy needs of your customers. Let’s talk about your options.