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LCRA to build new peaker power plant to help support Texas electric grid

LCRA will build a new peaker power plant in Central Texas to provide an additional 190 megawatts of dispatchable power to the Texas power grid.

Major improvement project underway at Wirtz Dam

LCRA is beginning a $76 million, three-year project to remove and replace all 10 floodgates at Wirtz Dam.

No new lake drawdowns planned in 2023

LCRA does not plan to lower any of the pass-through lakes in the Highland Lakes chain in 2023. This includes lakes Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls and Austin. The next opportunity for a routine lake lowering will be in 2024.

LCRA periodically lowers one or more of the pass-through lakes to provide lakeside property owners an opportunity to perform maintenance and repairs on docks, retaining walls and other areas. However, largely because of the ongoing drought, LCRA has determined there will not be a routine lowering in 2023.

LCRA Water Management Plan is working

In this column, LCRA General Manager Phil Wilson explains how LCRA‘s state-approved Water Management Plan is working to protect the water supply for more than million people.

LCRA urges visitors to ‘Be LakeWise’ and play it safe on the lakes

Through its Be LakeWise water safety campaign, LCRA is encouraging safe practices such as wearing a life jacket, watching out for hidden hazards, and never swimming or boating alone.

Events at LCRA parks

See what’s happening at more than 40 parks along the lower Colorado River.