Investing in our communities

Customer service and a commitment to make every LCRA endeavor outstanding are at the heart of LCRA’s relationships with its customers and the communities it serves.

Whether it’s through the delivery of reliable power and water services; helping protect the public and critical infrastructure; or providing community development grants and volunteer service, LCRA is invested in the continued vitality and economic health of the region.

Community grant program
Volunteer fire departments, emergency medical services, school districts, libraries, civic groups, local governments and nonprofit organizations may apply for up to $50,000 in Community Development Partnership Program grants.

LCRA Steps Forward
On this annual day of service, we partner with our customers on service projects that help their communities.

Public Safety
Our Public Safety team provides law enforcement and physical security services to protect the critical infrastructure that brings energy, water and community services to Texans.

We provide reliable telecommunications services to employees, public safety and first responder organizations, and communities throughout Central Texas.

Regional Affairs
Our Regional Affairs team works to involve the public in LCRA activities and create strong relationships with customers, communities and elected officials.