LCRA Electrical Panel Fabrication

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Precise craftsmanship. Quality materials. Superb customer service.

You can find all three in LCRA’s Panel Fabrication Shop.

LCRA craftsmen build the finest custom-made relay and control panels. Each one is manufactured to your exact specifications out of the finest materials by people who take time to understand electricity.

From a single component to an entire system, LCRA will build what you need, when you need it.

LCRA’s panel shop is staffed by experts in the construction of System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) panels.

The Panel Fabrication Shop melds the artistry of a fine cabinetmaker with an understanding of computer-aided design to cut sheets of aluminum, steel or stainless steel to perfection. They then build the panel and outfit them to order.

Once the panel is complete, electrical relay and control testing by trained technicians is also available.

If it’s produced by LCRA, you know it will be quality. It will also be competitively priced and delivered on time by people who understand the utility industry.

Precisely what you want. Precisely when you need it.