Floodgate Operations Notification Service (FONS)

Subscribe to upgraded service to receive notice of floodgate operations

LCRA offers a free service to notify subscribers of floodgate operations at dams along the Highland Lakes and Lake Bastrop.

The Floodgate Operations Notification Service (FONS) allows people to choose to be notified of floodgate operations by email, text and/or phone call. FONS is not a flood warning system.

Who is eligible to sign up?
Anyone may sign up for this free service. LCRA encourages everyone who may be affected by floodgate operations, including people who live, own property or operate businesses on one of the Highland Lakes or along the Colorado River below Lake Austin, to register for FONS by completing the online registration form. Learn about LCRA dams and the Highland Lakes.

How do I sign up?
Complete the online registration form. Subscriptions will remain valid through March 31, 2017.

How do I update my contact information or remove myself from the system?
Send updates by email to FONS@lcra.org or mail to:

LCRA Emergency Management
P.O. Box 220
Mail Stop R-220
Austin, TX 78767-0220

How does FONS work?
FONS will email, text and/or call subscribers with a recorded message when floodgate operations are expected to begin or have begun at dams along the the Highland Lakes or Lake Bastrop. The notification will be for initial floodgate operations only, and not for each additional gate operation or for regular operations such as hydroelectric generation, gate testing and maintenance, or when LCRA moves small amounts of water (less than would normally be passed through hydroelectric generation) downstream when the hydroelectric generating units are unavailable.

The notification system will deliver the automated message by email and/or by phone call to a number that is answered by a person or device. The system will make follow-up attempts if the phone is busy or not answered.

Why do I sometimes receive multiple calls?
The system is designed to contact the provided numbers until it confirms the message has been received. You must listen to the entire message and, when prompted, press 1 on your keypad to confirm you received the message (pressing 2 will replay the message). If you disconnect without confirming receipt, the system will call again.

If you requested notifications for multiple dams, you will receive separate notifications for each dam you selected.

What else do I need to know?
This service is a supplement to, and not a replacement for, vigilance on the part of residents and property owners. Anyone near the lakes or the Colorado River should monitor NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards broadcasts, local news media and other information sources whenever flooding poses a threat.

Under some circumstances, there may be little or no advance notice of floodgate operations. For example, if heavy rain falls on or near a lake, LCRA may have to begin opening floodgates before there is time to initiate FONS. The system will be activated as soon as possible.

The term of this agreement will begin 30 days after a registration form is received, and will continue through March 31, 2017. LCRA may terminate this service at any time by providing 30 days written notice to the address provided on the form.

Where can I get more information? Email FONS@lcra.org or call Sherri Edwards, LCRA Security Programs Specialist,​ at 512–578–3246 or 800–776–5272, ext. 3246.