Helping communities build better places to live and work

LCRA's Community Services works to improve the lives of Texans. The goal of LCRA Community Services is to promote an enhanced quality of life and foster the conservation and safe enjoyment of the Colorado River basin's natural resources.

For more information on ways LCRA benefits the communities it serves, visit the sections below:

Community grant program
Volunteer fire departments, emergency medical services, school districts, libraries, civic groups, local governments and nonprofit organizations may apply for up to $50,000 in Community Development Partnership Program (CDPP) grants.

LCRA public safety
LCRA Public Safety provides law enforcement to protect recreational users, the environment and LCRA employees in the lower Colorado River basin.


Public Affairs
LCRA Public Affairs' staff works to involve the public in LCRA activities, and create strong relationships with customers, communities and elected officials.

Land conservation programs
Learn about efforts to protect the land in the Colorado River basin, including pollution control, reforestation and soil erosion.