LCRA public safety department


The LCRA Public Safety Department provides law enforcement, security, communications and emergency management throughout the area served by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The department works around-the-clock to detect, deter and defeat any threats to LCRA infrastructure. These services protect employees and guests, facilities, parklands, lakes, and the area’s natural resources.


LCRA Rangers and Security

LCRA Rangers are certified peace officers with legal authority to enforce laws, ordinances and rules. They focus on protecting LCRA lands, structures and waters from the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf of Mexico. The area is divided into four districts, each with special patrol requirements and characteristics.

LCRA Rangers patrol the Highland Lakes and lower Colorado River basin, conducting safe boating checks and enforcing laws to keep the lakes as safe as possible for both swimmers and boaters.

LCRA Rangers also work closely with other agencies on a variety of public safety issues, such as enforcing water pollution and anti-dumping laws and ordinances; conducting investigations alongside permitting entities and regulatory agencies; providing assistance during floods and other emergencies; and coordinating and auditing emergency response and training.

All LCRA Rangers are commissioned by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. LCRA is authorized to have peace officers by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.12 and Texas Water Code, Section 49.216.

LCRA Public Safety hires certified peace officers who have prior experience with other law enforcement agencies. Officers must successfully complete an eight-week field training program to ensure they are proficient in the wide range of skills required of an LCRA Ranger, from law enforcement to boat handling. Other required training includes Medical First Responder (ECA) Certification, Marine Safety Enforcement Officer Certification and water rescue training.

Armed security officers stationed at LCRA facilities support law enforcement and protection efforts of the Rangers. Security officers monitor and report any suspicious activity, assist the public, detect and prevent crime, respond to alarms and provide other security-related services. Each security officer has a Level III Security Certification from the Texas Private Security Bureau.

Public Safety Communications, Security Technology and Office of Emergency Management

LCRA Public Safety Ranger on the water LCRA operates a 24/7 communications center where calls for service are dispatched to the appropriate Ranger, security officer or emergency management staff. Additionally, the communication center monitors in-house alarms and surveillance cameras, and coordinates first-responder resources with other agencies. An in-house security technology team conducts site assessments and installs and maintains electronic security systems.

The LCRA's Mobile Command Post is a key feature of Public Safety’s coordination and readiness. It is a self-contained communications trailer for use in emergencies and major events. Local governments can make arrangements to use the LCRA Mobile Command Post for non-emergency events. Download flier for more information.

LCRA also operates the Emergency Management Radio Network, which links emergency management coordinators along the lower Colorado River with each other using LCRA's 900-MHz radio system.

The LCRA Office of Emergency Management (OEM) maintains a comprehensive emergency management system to train and prepare for all hazards. The OEM works directly with all LCRA business units in preparing for, protecting against and responding to potential or actual emergencies This includes damage assessments and preparing grant and federal reimbursement applications. The OEM also works closely with federal, state and local homeland security and emergency management officials and provides assistance during and after emergency situations.

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