Generating power for Texas

LCRA's power plants provide affordable power safely while being environmentally responsible. LCRA's well-rounded power generation portfolio includes combined-cycle, gas-fired plants, traditional natural gas-fired power plants, coal-fired plants and six hydroelectric dams. Additional long- and short-term transactions from other ERCOT suppliers round out the energy mix LCRA offers its wholesale electric customers.​

Here is a snapshot of LCRA generating facilities and resources:

  • Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant, a combined-cycle, natural gas-fired power plant in Horseshoe Bay near Marble Falls, provides about 516 megawatts (MW). The plant, which came on-line in 2014, uses new technology to produce efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible power. (The City of San Marcos owns a small percentage of the plant and the power it produces.)
  • Fayette Power Project (FPP), a three-unit, coal-fired power plant near La Grange, provides about 1,615 MW. (Austin Energy co-owns two of the FPP units and the power they produce.)
  • Sim Gideon Power Plant, a three-unit, gas plant in Bastrop County, provides about 607 MW.
  • Lost Pines 1 Power Project, a gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant in Bastrop County, provides about 510 MW of generating capacity. Half of the plant is owned by the LCRA-affiliated corporation GenTex Power Corporation and half is owned by LCRA.
  • Winchester Power Park, a four-unit, gas-fired combustion turbine facility in Fayette County, can generate up to about 176 MW of power during peak demand periods.
  • Six hydroelectric dams along the Highland Lakes provide about 295 MW of renewable energy.
  • Sandy Creek Energy Station, a single-unit, coal-fired plant near Waco in McLennan County, provides about 208 MW for LCRA. (LS Power Development and Brazos Electric co-own the 900-MW plant. LCRA also owns a small share of the plant.) The plant came on-line in May 2013.


LCRA sells only wholesale power. To find out if you buy power from an LCRA wholesale customer, see this list of LCRA's wholesale electric customers.

Fuel and transportation operations

LCRA uses coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to fuel the Fayette Power Project. This coal is shipped on the more than 1,100 railcars maintained by LCRA's Smithville Rail Fleet Maintenance Facility.

The Hilbig Gas Storage Facility in Rockne, which is in Bastrop County, enables LCRA to store 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas for its gas-fired plants.

The Center Union Gas Compression Station in Bastrop County measures, compresses and transfers natural gas to LCRA's gas-fired facilities in Bastrop and Fayette counties.

See map of energy facilities.

By The Numbers

In calendar year 2016, about 44 percent of LCRA's energy output was generated from natural gas, about 50 percent from coal and about 6 percent from renewable sources, including wind and hydroelectric dams.

Future Resources

LCRA's whole​​sale electric customers serve one of the nation's fastest-growing regions.

LCRA continues to evaluate all fuel sources as it makes plans to meet future needs for power.

Environmental Stewardship

LCRA has a history of operating all of its generation units in an environmentally responsible manner, generally keeping emissions well below those allowed by law.