​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​Water Conservation is WaterSmart
LCRA Firm W​​ater Program​s​
LCRA Customer Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans
LCRA water customers are required to develop water conservation and drought contingency plans according to LCRA’s water sale contract rules. The rules outline minimum requirements, and LCRA staff encourages customers to adopt additional conservation strategies such as irrigation evaluations, deed restrictions for new development, or partnering with LCRA on rebate programs.

Water Conservation Plan Rules for Water Sale Contracts

Drought Contingency Plan Rules for Water Sale Contracts
Landscape Irrigation Consultations
Landscape irrigation consultations are available to LCRA domestic use contract customers and some LCRA wholesale customer end-users with automatic irrigation systems. The consultation helps customers conserve water while maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape.

Check with your local water provider to see if this service is offered. If your utility does not provide this service, contact Brett Briant at LCRA or ask a licensed irrigator to conduct an evaluation. You also can conduct a "do-it-yourself" audit.
Water Conservation Incentives Program Review Committee
The Water Conservation Incentives Program Review Committee provides direction on LCRA water conservation incentive programs, helps LCRA customers meet the goals established in the 2014 Raw Water Conservation Plan, and provides oversight of cost-sharing arrangements with firm water customers for conservation purposes​.
LCRA 2014 Raw Water Conservation Plan
The LCRA 2014 Raw Water Conservation Plan​ outlines water conservation goals and strategies for all LCRA water customers, including cities, power plants, agricultural irrigation operations and golf courses.​

Firm Water Conservation Cost-share Program​
LCRA’s Firm Water Conservation Cost-share Program provides funding for water efficiency projects and programs established by LCRA's firm water customers. Customers include cities, utilities, industries, irrigation and recreational water users. Projects include converting irrigated areas using raw or potable water to recycled water, and decreasing utility system water loss, such as pressure reductions or leak detection and repair.​

For program details, download the applicatio​n or contact Senior Water Conservation Coordinator Stacy Pandey. Watch videos showing some of the funded projects. >>​