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RFP 12735 Benefit Broker Services
Category Services
Type Request for Proposals
Solicitation Number 12735
Title RFP 12735 Benefit Broker Services

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA.ORG) in Austin Texas

Brokerage service responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Supplier shall act as an intermediary between LCRA and its benefits program carriers/vendors.
  • Supplier shall prepare and deliver necessary reports to enable effective monitoring and management of benefits programs, to include but not limited to carrier/vendor performance, detailed financial reporting and analysis for utilization, spend and high-cost claims.
  • Supplier shall prepare and deliver ad hoc reports as necessary.
  • Supplier shall provide data to benchmark LCRA’s benefits plan designs and utilization to the marketplace.
  • Supplier shall provide benchmarking data, analytics, measurement solutions and impact analysis related to topics such as benefits plan design, utilization and network comparisons, to include general and utility industry benchmarks.
  • Supplier shall hold periodic meetings to discuss brokerage activities, current market trends, best practices, and relevant real-time data for LCRA benefits programs.
  • Supplier shall hold periodic meetings to discuss plan and carrier/vendor performance and activities.
  • Supplier shall lead the evaluation and present the impact of contractual discounts and pass-through arrangements.
  • Supplier may be required to participate in other meetings as requested by LCRA.
  • Supplier shall provide leadership and guidance related to benefit program strategies, plan design changes, long-term planning, and funding alternatives.
  • Supplier shall provide leadership to ensure LCRA readiness for annual open enrollment activities, including but not limited to strategic planning, actuarial analysis of claims experience, financial analysis for rate setting and budget funding, materials for executive decision-making and employee/retiree communication planning.
  • See RFP Overview and Scope of Work,¬† for complete list of Services and current list of benefits that would be included.
Update Notice

ADDENDUM 1: Suppliers Questions and Answers provided

ADDENDUM 2: Summary plan descriptions are said to be included but were not a listed attachment. Addendum is summary plan description for Medical and Dental.


Meeting Information

Pre-proposal Meeting_ LCRA will not have a phone or web-base call. Suppliers may submit questions through e-mail, at any time up until Feb. 17, 2023 at 5:00 PM cst.

Review info on: RFP12375 Instruction page for Dates and Milestones

  • LCRA stakeholders will respond to individual supplier questions as quickly as possible.
  • All supplier questions and answers provided will be published as one ADDENDUM on this RFP 12735 site on or before Friday Feb. 24, 2023 by 4:00 PM cst.
  • If no suppliers submit any questions, then no ADDENDUM will be posted.
Question Deadline Friday, February 17, 2023 04:00 PM CT
Submission Deadline Friday, March 3, 2023 01:00 PM CT
Submission Information

LCRA accepts responses electronically. Please address your response to [email protected] and include the agent’s name and 5-digit solicitation number in the subject line of your email to help ensure it is directed to the proper person.

Authorized Agent

George Demers