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RFP 12819 - TOCC Generator System Upgrade
Category Construction
Type Request for Proposals
Solicitation Number 12819
Title TOCC Generator System Upgrade
The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is looking to increase the reliability of LCRA TSC telecommunications system by upgrading the backup generators and power system components at the Telecommunications Operations Control Center (TOCC) and the RF Building in the Dalchau Service Center (DSC). LCRA is soliciting proposals from qualified contractors to perform all construction operations required for this project. Suppliers shall provide all associated equipment and Deliverables as further described in the Specifications included in this RFP.
Update Notice

8/11/2023 – Addendum No. 1 – Acknowledgment Form
The RFP 12819 – Supplier Response Form file has been revised with a change to the Health and Safety Questionnaire section. Please review and provide responses on the new form (found in the Attachments section of this posting). The Acknowledgment Form linked here needs to be signed and submitted with the Proposal.

8/14/2023 – Addendum No. 2 – Acknowledgment Form
The “RF Bldg. Drawings IFC” file has been revised to clarify discrepancy in generator size requirements (see Sheet ES100-1). The Acknowledgment Form linked here needs to be signed and submitted with the Proposal.

8/28/2023 – Addendum No. 3 – Acknowledgment Form
Clarifications/Answers to Questions Asked can be found here

9/8/2023 – Addendum No. 4 – Acknowledgment Form
Proposal deadline has been extended to Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Meeting Information

Pre- proposal Meeting (Virtual) – not mandatory

Site Visit – not mandatory

Question Deadline Friday, August 25, 2023 12:00 PM CT
Submission Deadline Tuesday, September 12, 2023 03:00 PM CT
Submission Information

LCRA accepts responses electronically. Please address your response to [email protected] and include the agent’s name and 5-digit solicitation number in the subject line of your email to help ensure it is directed to the proper person.

Authorized Agent

Carolina Ocana


1 – RFP 12819 Instructions
2 – RFP 12819 Supplier Response Form
3 – Specifications IFC
4 – RF Bldg Drawings IFC
5 – TOCC Drawings IFC
6 – RFP 12819 Submittal Package
7 – RFP 12819 Resume Template
8 – RFP 12819 Terms and Conditions