Lost Pines 1 Power Project


Lost Pines 1 Power Project is a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle unit. GenTex Power Corporation, an LCRA affiliated corporation​, owns half of the plant, and LCRA owns the other half of the plant. Lost Pines 1 shares the Lost Pines Power Park in Bastrop County with LCRA's Sim Gideon Power Plant. Lost Pines 1 helps LCRA serve a high-growth region in Central Texas.

The plant can generate about 510 megawatts of electricity. That's enough to serve more than 100,000 typical Texas homes when the demand for power is highest. By using a combined-cycle generation process, the plant uses 30 to 40 percent less fuel and about one-third of the water a traditional natural gas-fired plant uses to produce the same amount of power. LCRA uses its portion of the plant to benefit its customers, and GenTex sells its portion of the Lost Pines 1 output to city-owned utilities and electric cooperatives that buy power from LCRA.

Since it began operations in 2001, Lost Pines 1 has been an efficient, cost-effective resource for LCRA's electric customers. In fact, a worldwide benchmarking study showed that the Lost Pines 1 facility scored in the top quartile among its peers for performance in efficiency, reliability, safety and manageable expenses.

GenTex Power Corporation

GenTex Power Corporation, a wholly owned ​LCRA affiliated corporation, oversaw the planning and construction of Lost Pines 1 Power Project.

In 1999, GenTex announced the construction of the natural gas-fired plant with Calpine Corporation, a California-based independent power producer. Lost Pines 1 began producing power in May 2001. Until January 2004, Calpine shared ownership of the plant with GenTex.

GenTex Power Corporation owns 50 percent of the plant, from which energy is sold to wholesale customers. That share is referred to as GenTex 1. LCRA owns the other 50 percent of the plant (the original Calpine share) of Lost Pines 1.

The nine-member GenTex Board continues to approve the plant's annual operation and maintenance budget and monitor activities at Lost Pines 1.

GenTex Board

The GenTex Board of Directors includes four representatives of LCRA's wholesale electric customers and five representatives from LCRA's Board of Directors.

Customer representatives are GenTex Board Vice Chair Robert Lindsey III (Goldthwaite city manager), Matt Bentke (general manager and chief executive officer, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative) and Michael Wolfe Sr. (mayor, City of Hempstead). ​The GenTex Board has one vacancy.

LCRA General Manager Phil Wilson serves as president and chief executive officer of GenTex.

LCRA Board representatives are LCRA and GenTex Board Chair Timothy Timmerman and members Steve K. Balas, Pamela Jo "PJ" Ellison, Robert "Bobby" Lewis and Thomas Michael Martine.​

Lost Pines Power Park

The park includes LCRA's Lost Pines 1 Power Project and Sim Gideon Power Plant.

Lost Pines 1 Power Project

Year built: 2001
Capacity: About 510 megawatts
Owner: GenTex Power Corporation and LCRA
Fuel: Natural gas
Location: East of Bastrop, about 40 miles southeast of Austin