LCRA Transmission Services Corporation serves Texas

A nonprofit corporation for transmission operations, LCRA TSC is responsible for projects that make electric service more reliable across the state

​For more than 70 years, LCRA has responded to Texans needing reliable and low-cost electric transmission service.

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation’s network of facilities – located in more than 70 counties across Texas – provides a vital link among power plants and the statewide, interconnected power grid. LCRA TSC owns or operates about 5,200 miles of transmission lines. LCRA TSC also owns, operates, or provides wholesale transmission, transformation or metering services at nearly 400 subs​tations. LCRA TSC’s lines and substations help provide reliable transmission service to Texas generators, including coal and gas plants as well as renewable sources such as wind and hydroelectric plants. LCRA TSC’s facilities also are integral part of the overall power system for residential, business, commercial and industrial power customers across the state.

Unbundling under 1999 law

A 1999 state law changed how LCRA and other electric utilities manage and operate their transmission facilities. T​he law required utilities to “unbundle” or separate their electric generation and transmission operations as part of preparations for a deregulated retail electric market. The law also allowed LCRA to expand its transmission facilities and operations beyond its traditional 55-county Central Texas electric service area.

LCRA created LCRA Transmission Services Corporation as a nonprofit corporation for transmission operations. On Jan. 1, 2002, it transferred to LCRA TSC ownership of its transmission facilities to satisfy the state’s unbundling requirements. LCRA TSC has no employees, but contracts with LCRA staff to operate and maintain the facilities and provide other services.

As with other transmission systems in Texas, LCRA TSC is regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and coordinates its operations with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages the power grid that serves most of the state.

Central Texas Area Growth

LCRA TSC transmission facilities are located statewide throughout the ERCOT region. In the Central Texas area, LCRA TSC facilities help support the electric loads (electricity demand) of more than 40 transmission customers. These transmission customers include municipalities, electric cooperatives, other transmission providers and generators.


Based on electric load information provided by ERCOT, the map [above] indicates the compounded average growth rate over a five-year period from 2019 to 2023.

LCRA TSC monitors this growth and works with its transmission customers and regulatory agencies to ensure that its facilities, including new transmission lines and new substations, meet federal and state requirements for providing reliable electric transmission service.


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Board agendas: For information on the agendas of the Board of Directors of LCRA Transmission Services Corporation, see Board Agendas.

Facility connection requirements: Review LCRA TSC's facility connection requirements for entities wishing to interconnect with LCRA's transmission system.

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