LCRA awards $50,000 grant for park upgrades in McCamey

City will add exercise equipment, walking paths and more at Santa Fe Park just in time for city’s centennial anniversary

Oct. 25, 2023

A Lower Colorado River Authority representative presents a $50,000 grant to the City of McCamey for improvements to Santa Fe Park. The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program. Pictured, from left to right, are: Jason Menefee, McCamey County Hospital CEO; Dusty W. Kilgore, Upton County judge; Noami Moya, McCamey Chamber of Commerce secretary; Mitch Upchurch, Upton County sheriff; Kathy Campbell, city code enforcement officer; Cooper Hogg, LCRA Regional Affairs representative; Ramon Venegas, city services director; Patty Jones, city secretary; Noe Marquez, mayor pro tem; Pedro Rosales, mayor; Ilda Lujan, alderman, Ward 2; Michael Valencia, McCamey Independent School District superintendent; Elodia Gomez, deputy clerk; and Jailiene Granado, water billing clerk.

McCAMEY, Texas – The City of McCamey will add walking paths, exercise stations and updated playground equipment to Santa Fe Park with the help of a $50,000 grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority. The Community Development Partnership Program grant, along with nearly $75,000 in matching funds from the City of McCamey, the McCamey Economic Development Corporation and Upton County, will help improve the park and make it a more appealing draw for community members and visitors to the city. The equipment and landscaping upgrades are scheduled to be completed in time for McCamey’s Centennial Anniversary in 2025 and festivities planned at the park in July of that year. “I saw that big blank space and I knew it could be turned into a focal point for our community,” McCamey City Secretary Patty Jones said of the park. “It’s a place where we can gather and celebrate our town’s first hundred years and where we can bring together the families who will make up the future of this city and help it grow.” The grant will enable the city to upgrade the park with new landscaping and the addition of a formal garden and a public play area more suitable for younger children than other options in the area. LCRA General Manager Phil Wilson said public parks help bring people together and make a city more appealing to visitors and families looking to move to a community. “The new features at Santa Fe Park are especially exciting because they’re going to bring something new for people of all ages,” Wilson said. “Having a nice, safe place to get outside and enjoy nature is an important part of any community. Knowing the changes will be in place in time for the park to be a showcase location during the upcoming Centennial celebration is icing on the cake.” Jones said the importance of the project is clear from the keen interest people in the community have shown and the assistance they’re stepping forward to provide. “The team here knows that look in my eye when I come in and say, ‘I’ve been thinking about this since 3 in the morning,’” Jones said. “They see how important this is to our town. A lot of things have come into place – companies, locals, city workers came together and got to the planning quickly and are asking what they can do to help.” Jones said the city will also showcase the park in promotional items as it aims to attract more businesses to the area. The community grant is one of 45 grants awarded recently through LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program, which helps volunteer fire departments, local governments, emergency responders and nonprofit organizations fund capital improvement projects in LCRA’s wholesale electric, water and transmission service areas. The program is part of LCRA’s effort to give back to the communities it serves. Applications for the next round of grants will be accepted in January. More information is available at

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