On-Site Sewage Facilities Program


LCRA is authorized to inspect and approve septic systems near the Highland Lakes

The Austin and Marble Falls OSSF offices will be closed on Thursday, January 17, 2019 and will re-open on Friday, January 18, 2019.

LCRA's On-Site Sewage Facilities Program allows for the inspection and approval of septic systems. LCRA is authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to implement on-site sewage facility rules and standards within LCRA's jurisdiction under Chapter 341 and Chapter 366 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Also, LCRA has the authority to operate regulatory programs under Section 8503.004 (q) of the LCRA Enabling Legislation.

History of the program
LCRA's On-Site Sewage Facility Program was LCRA's first water quality program. Since September 1971, LCRA has regulated the installation and operation of on-site sewage facilities within a 2,200-foot zone around the upper Highland Lakes and in a 2,000-foot zone around Lake Travis. State and local regulators have modeled portions of their programs after LCRA's.

Why do we have rules?
The rules limit pollution and protect the health of those enjoying the Highland Lakes.

For information about construction standards and other details regarding installing septic systems around the Highland Lakes, email ossf@lcra.org or call 512-578-3216.

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OSSF Program
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Helpful Resources

Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 366, On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) rules (see Chapter 285 and Chapter 30, Subchapters A and G.)

TCEQ searchable list of licensed OSSF and irrigation professionals.

TCEQ rules for public water systems. Refer to Section 290.44(e) for waterline and sewer line crossings.

Animated Septic System Training Module - Learn how septic systems function.