On-site sewage facility fees

​​Below is the schedule for permits, inspections, renewals and other fees for on-site sewage facilities. If you have questions, contact us through ossf@lcra.org.

​Facility Type ​Fee
​Conventional systems
  • Single-family, multiple-dwelling and commercial structures
​Professionally designed systems (require more detailed plans designed by either a professional engineer or registered sanitarian)
  • Single-family
  • Multiple-dwelling and commercial structures (for first 500 gallons a day)
  • Each additional 500 gallons a day
​Facility reinspection (systems that have been inspected and approved at least once before; this covers transfer-of-ownership, sales, repairs and refinancings)
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Commercial and multiple-family dwellings
​Additional unit reinspections
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Commercial and multiple-family dwellings
​Subdivision plan review
​Subdivision field inspection
​$15 per lot
​Extra trip to the site
​Permit revision
​Permit renewal
​Special requests and reports
​Extra permit copies (beyond originals)
​*$10 is added to the fee to satisfy a required payment to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the On-site Wastewater Treatment Research Council fund. ​

Note on refunds: LCRA sometimes grants a prorated amount when an applicant decides not to complete the process of having an on-site sewage facility installed. LCRA refunds a prorated amount based on how much work was completed.