Agricultural Irrigation Use

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Contract procedures and standard terms and conditions.

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Drought contingency plan

Addresses the allocation of interruptible stored water.


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LCRA supplies water to portions of Matagorda, Wharton and Colorado counties for agricultural use, as prescribed by the state-approved Water Management Plan. Irrigation facilities are organized into four service areas – Gulf Coast, Lakeside, Garwood and Pierce Ranch. (LCRA operates the 11 major pumping plants and a network of irrigation canals in the Gulf Coast, Lakeside and Garwood systems, while Pierce Ranch is privately operated.) LCRA holds senior downstream water rights allowing it to pump water directly from the Colorado River to serve customers.

In January 2020, the LCRA Board of Directors approved updates to the agricultural Drought Contingency Plan, contract rules and rates for interruptible agricultural customers in the Garwood, Gulf Coast and Lakeside irrigation divisions, and Pierce Ranch.

LCRA's 2020 rate for the Garwood Irrigation Division is $37.44 or $44.38 per acre-foot delivered, depending on the customer's location in the canal system. The 2020 water rate for the Gulf Coast Irrigation Division is $63.00 per acre-foot delivered. The 2020 water rate for the Lakeside Irrigation Division is $63.00 per acre-foot delivered.

LCRA staff is preparing standard contract forms incorporating the changes to the rules and rates. Here are draft examples of contract forms for each division:

LCRA supply of water to agricultural customers in the Garwood Irrigation Division is subject to provisions of LCRA's 1998 purchase agreement with Garwood Irrigation Company.