Protecting water quality

LCRA has responsibility for protecting waters of the lower Colorado River basin

​​​​​​​Protecting water quality in the lakes and river is a vital part of LCRA's mission. The state of Texas gives LCRA responsibility for protecting waters of the lower Colorado River basin.

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Clean Rivers Program
State-funded partnership of river authorities and other agencies that tracks water quality issues.

​Zebra Mussels
Zebra mussels are highly invasive freshwater mussels that can take over a lake and alter aquatic ecosystems. Learn what you can do to keep them out of the Highland Lakes and Colorado River.

Water Quality Monitoring Programs

Learn about other LCRA water-quality monitoring programs

Managing Nuisance Aquatic Plants
Information on managing invasive plants in the Highland Lakes and lower Colorado River basin.

On-Site Sewage Facilities Program
LCRA is licensed by the state of Texas to inspect and license septic tanks near the Highland Lakes and Lake Travis.

Water Quality Data
Historical data and locations of LCRA water quality monitoring sites.

Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance
LCRA manages stormwater runoff around the Highland Lakes by enforcing the Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance.

Water Quality Index
Details of LCRA water quality data from the LCRA scientists who regularly monitor water quality.

Application Review and Response Program

LCRA routinely reviews permits issued by other agencies that may affect water quality in the lower Colorado River basin.

Colorado River Watch Network
Program to support citizens who volunteer to monitor water quality throughout the lower Colorado River basin.

Water Quality Models
To help manage the lower Colorado River watershed more effectively, LCRA is developing water quality computer models of the river system, including its tributaries and lakes.

What Mark Are You Leaving? Report Illegal Dumping.
Learn how you can help LCRA maintain the quality of rivers and lakes.

Average Water Temperatures for the Highland Lakes
A table of Highland Lakes’ bi-monthly surface water temperature averages from 2007-2016​​

Environmental Laboratory Services
LCRA provides agencies, contractors and many other customers water-quality testing at a reasonable cost.

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