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Lake Lowerings


The refill of Lake Marble Falls is complete.

LCRA temporarily lowered Lake Marble Falls in October 2022 to help accommodate work on Starcke Dam. During the drawdown, lakeside property owners had an opportunity to remove debris, dredge, and maintain or repair docks, retaining walls and other infrastructure

The lake refill originally was scheduled to begin in late December, but was postponed because work at the dam took longer than expected.

After the lake is refilled, LCRA will continue moving water downstream through a partially open floodgate to meet routine water supply needs and manage the level of Lake Marble Falls for several weeks. Flows through the partially open floodgate do not exceed what is discharged through hydroelectric generation.

Should the need to pass heavier storm runoff occur, LCRA may need to open additional floodgates. In that event, LCRA would notify the public and send alerts through the Flood Operations Notification Service.

Lake lowerings in 2023

LCRA does not plan to lower any of the pass-through lakes in the Highland Lakes chain in 2023. This includes lakes Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls and Austin. The next opportunity for a routine lake lowering will be in 2024.