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Lake Lowerings

In early October 2022, LCRA plans to temporarily lower Lake Marble Falls for about three months. The drawdown will help accommodate work on Starcke Dam and provide property owners an opportunity to remove debris, dredge, and maintain or repair docks, retaining walls and other infrastructure.

The drawdown is scheduled to begin on Oct. 1, and conclude on Dec. 29.

LCRA will lower Lake Marble Falls about 7 feet, from its normal operating range of 736.2 to 737.0 feet above mean sea level (feet msl) to a lowered range of 729.0 to 730.0 feet msl.

During the drawdown, LCRA will move water downstream through a partially open floodgate to meet routine water supply needs and manage the level of Lake Marble Falls. Flows through the partially open floodgate will not exceed what is discharged through hydroelectric generation.

Should the need to pass heavier storm runoff occur, LCRA may need to open additional floodgates. In that event, LCRA would notify the public and send alerts through the Flood Operations Notification Service.

Registration requirements

Residents and property owners who want to perform dredging, remove debris or work on existing retaining walls during the drawdown must register their project with LCRA. Registration for dock repairs is not required, but all work must comply with the Safety Standards for Residential Docks on the Highland Lakes.

Work may be done under LCRA’s lakewide permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, if it meets the permit requirements. Review the lakewide permit below.

Burning in the lakebed is not permitted. If you have questions or need more information, please call LCRA Water Quality Protection at 512-578-2324.