Water Partnership with City of Austin

LCRA and the City of Austin work together to plan for future water needs and jointly manage their water rights. In 2007, LCRA and Austin established a water partnership to plan long-term water supply for the city – up to 250,000 acre-feet of additional water through 2100.

The partnership evaluates the timing and amount of Austin's water supply needs based on demand projections. Under the partnership, LCRA and Austin also discuss various water supply alternatives to meet Austin's future water demand.

Read the Supplemental Water Supply Agreement.

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Executive Management Committee Quarterly Meeting

Quick Facts:

  • Under a prior agreement, Austin can use up to 325,000 acre-feet of water per year for municipal purposes from a combination of Austin’s and LCRA’s water rights.
  • Austin uses about 140,000 acre-feet per year for municipal purposes.
  • Austin discharges about 100,000 acre-feet per year of return flows to the Colorado River from two wastewater treatment plants.
  • The City of Austin expects to need additional water supplies by 2050.