Step-by-step process to obtain approval for continued use at an on-site sewage facility

​​Here are the steps to obtain approval for continued use from LCRA to operate an on–site sewage facility.

LCRA OSSF inspection line: 512– 578–3216 or 1–800–776–5272, Ext. 3216

1. Reinspection application process

  • Obtain a reinspection application package by calling the LCRA OSSF inspection line (above), option 1 or downloading the forms and submitting them to LCRA with the appropriate fee.​

A complete application will include: application requesting reinspection; copy of multiple listing sales (MLS), floor plan of all structures showing all rooms with their intended uses; dimensions of each room; location of all closets in each room; and heated/cooled square footage.

2. Inspection preparation
After the application is submitted, LCRA will mail an OSSF preparation checklist for the reinspection. Allow two workdays after submitting the application before calling the LCRA OSSF inspection line to schedule an inspection.


Within two workdays of submitting your application, post the notice provided to you by LCRA at the site. This notice will list the owner's name and property description. The notice must be visible from the roadway to help inspectors locate your property.

3. Inspection Line
Once preparations have been made and the application has been submitted and processed (two full working days from the date the application is received), an inspection must be scheduled by calling the LCRA OSSF inspection line, option 4. An LCRA inspector will call the designated contact between 7:30–8:30 am the day of the inspection with an appointment time.

If the OSSF has been approved, a copy of the reinspection report and approval letter, along with a blank application (Form 1100), will be left at the property at the time of the inspection. This paperwork can be taken to the closing. If the OSSF has been disapproved, a licensed installer can make the necessary corrections or apply for a construction permit to install a new OSSF.

4. Inspection process
Installation inspections are performed at various stages of the installation process. The owner or installer must schedule the required inspections. To schedule an inspection, call the LCRA OSSF inspection line, option 4. For questions, select option 2 and leave a message.

Installation inspections will be performed within two workdays of receiving the inspection request. A notice (pass or fail) will be left at the site by the inspector.

5. Approval for Continued Use process
Once the OSSF has been approved, the blank application (Form 1100) given to the new owner at closing should be completed, signed and submitted to LCRA. The form will be stamped with an approval and returned to the new owner, along with OSSF provisions about the particular system.

For more information, see FAQs about on–site sewage program.