For the first time in more than a month, the tropical Atlantic has gone quiet.  Both Beta and Teddy became post-tropical storms on Wednesday.  In their wake, there are no other tropical cyclones or even strong tropical waves posing a threat for tropical development over the next few days.

Although conditions are quiet for now, the hurricane season is far from over and additional tropical storms and hurricanes will be possible and almost likely during October and even November.  This break in the string of tropical storms and hurricanes is not all that uncommon after such a rapid-fire spin up of storms over the past month.  The factors which promoted such an active season are still in place, but these factors are beginning to run up against the change of season and the jet stream moving to the south.

Heading into October, the threat for tropical storms and hurricanes affecting Texas decreases as cold fronts become more frequent.  In fact, a fairly strong cold front is forecast to spread across Texas next Wednesday, and is expected to bring a true taste of fall to Central Texas late next week into the following weekend.  Stay tuned for further developments.