About Us

The Lower Colorado River Authority was created by the state Legislature in 1934 and has been serving Texans ever since. We produce and deliver electric power, manage the lower Colorado River and provide a reliable water supply, manage a public parks system and support community development.

LCRA’s management of roughly 600 miles of the lower Colorado River provides both locals and visitors unsurpassed access to some of the most attractive land in the Lone Star State. To provide our visitors diverse and unique experiences, LCRA Parks is always interested in creating new alliances with concessionaires and exploring land development opportunities. From food vendors to resort-style developments, a wide-range of business opportunities are available to experienced companies.

Our properties offer public access to water along the lower Colorado River and its tributaries, which include the six picturesque Highland Lakes as well as lakes Bastrop and Fayette.

With over 40 locations, LCRA’s park system spans roughly 11,000 acres. From the Hill Country of Central Texas to the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast, our properties stretch across 10 different counties and five unique ecoregions.

Growing Together

We take pride in building strong, lasting relationships with our partners. It is important that our values and goals align from the beginning of our partnership.


Ensure park offerings and management systems are able to meet the expectations of our visitors.


Stay up-to-date on new trends in the tourism and outdoor recreation industries.


Pursue new sources of revenue with other businesses, supporting LCRA’s goal of a system-wide sustainable parks department.


Attract new visitors by targeting a broader range of markets through strategically diverse offerings and amenities.