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Park Alerts

Algae in the Highland Lakes

People and pets should avoid touching or ingesting algae in the Highland Lakes. Some algae can begin producing toxins without warning. More information is available here.

Park Alerts

Updated LCRA Land and Water Use Regulations became effective April 1, 2022.

Burn Bans

Because of the danger posed by dry conditions, LCRA periodically bans ground fires at its parks. LCRA honors burn bans issued by individual counties where its parks are located. The following parks are in counties with issued burn bans:

  • Black Rock Park
  • Cedar Point Recreation Area

LCRA advises that you check the Texas Interagency Coordination Center‘s website for a link to the latest map showing Texas counties that have issued burn bans.

For more information, email​ us through Contact LCRA or call LCRA at 512-473-3366.​​​​​​​