This has been one of the hottest starts to the month of May ever recorded! Forget spring, conditions so far this month have been more like the middle of summer. Not only have the days been quite hot, nighttime temperatures have been unusually warm thanks to the very humid air flowing north from the Gulf.

Looking at average temperatures from May 1st through May 10th, readings across the Hill Country have generally averaged between 8 and 10 degrees above normal! Across Central Texas and the middle Texas coast, readings have averaged between 6 and 8 degrees above normal, with a few spots more than 8 degrees above normal!

In Austin, Camp Mabry’s temperature through May 10th has averaged 82.0 degrees, which is 7.9 degrees above normal. The first ten days of May rank as the hottest such period on record, beating out May 1-10, 2003 by a half degree.

Interestingly, at Austin Bergstrom, May-10, 2022 ranks as the third warmest such period on record, behind similar periods in 2003 and 2002. The average temperature through May 10th has been 80.3 degrees, which is 7.3 degrees above normal.

This record hot May shows no signs of backing down over the next couple of weeks. High temperatures next week are forecast to be close to 100 degrees throughout the week. High temperatures the following week are forecast to lower to the mid and upper 90s. Keep in mind the average high temperature this time of the year is around 86 degrees.

Let’s hope the temperature will moderate down even further toward the end of the month.