We all know the month of May was unusually hot. It seem as if July arrived two months early. In Austin, the Camp Mabry weather observing site reported an average temperature of 82.3 degrees, which was 5.5 degrees above normal. May 2022 turned out to be the hottest May on record—1.7 degrees ahead of 2018 in second place.

But recently released data indicates Austin wasn’t the only location to record the hottest May on record. Data from the National Center for Environmental Information shows all of the Hill Country, all of Central Texas, plus the middle and upper Texas coast also recorded their hottest month of May on record.

Note the area in red area across Texas representing locations which recorded the hottest May on record

For Texas as a whole, May 2022 tied with May 2018 for the second hottest May on record. The hottest May on record continues to be May 1996, where the average temperature was 0.6 degrees warmer than May 2022.

NCEI’s analysis shows rainfall was below normal across the majority of Texas—especially the Hill Country, Central Texas and the middle Texas coast. For Texas as a whole, May 2022 ranked as the 8th driest May on record.

Forecasts for significant rain over the next two weeks look pretty bleak as a sprawling ridge of high pressure remains over Texas, causing a pattern of unusually hot and dry weather.

Stay cool and stay hydrated!