There are no floodgate operations on the Highland Lakes at this time. LCRA’s flood operations report has more information about current conditions in the Highland Lakes. Check LCRA’s Hydromet for rainfall totals, stream flow and lake levels. Also, follow LCRA on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Be Flood Ready 

Things You Need to Know

  1. Parts of the lower Colorado River basin are experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding. The ground is saturated, increasing the chances for additional flooding as rains continue.
  2. Pay close attention to weather warnings from the National Weather Service and river flood warnings from the National Weather Service River Forecast Center.
  3. Listen to your local authorities for information on local conditions, emergency responses and possible evacuations.
  4. Monitor your local media for information on conditions in your area. For conditions on the Highland Lakes, check LCRA’s Flood Operations Report or Hydromet. Also, Follow LCRA on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Be vigilant. Take appropriate action to protect you and your family.

Bob's Weather Blog
LCRA Meteorologist Bob Rose forecasts weather conditions throughout the lower Colorado River basin. >>


LCRA's Mission

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